The world is starving for
leadership, but not just any kind
of leadership.

The old-fashioned days of command and control and "do as I say without questioning my authority" are over. We have now emerged into a world where people want to know more about who they are following than just what they are doing.

This is where the long-term leader comes in.

In this groundbreaking
book, you'll:


This book is not just for business leaders, it is for all people looking to improve their relationships around them, whether it is in business or personal relationships. The author explains the benefits gained from the power of truth. Everyone involved will value the conversation more and become more motivated to achieve mutual goals together. Learning how to be authentic in all things in life is a critical life skill, this book nails it.


I have been studying leadership for 3 decades, since I was an infantry soldier in the 82nd Airborne. The long term leader really hit home. Drives passion and leads from the front. You can never learn too much about leading people whether in business or in your home.

Ricky N. Khamis